Giza Pyramids

Pyramids of Giza

The Giza necropolis is one of the world’s most famous historical sites, so I was braced for crowds of tourists. Instead, I found it surprisingly empty and even peaceful.

While it was nice to have the pyramids “to myself” local vendors were visibly disgruntled. They mentioned a shortage of tourists since the Arab spring, as many visitors are afraid of coming to Cairo.

Giza Plateau

The Giza plateau was an entire cemetery complex for Ancient Egypt’s royalty. The pyramids were built as tombs for the Pharaohs. You can go inside the pyramids but don’t expect to find any royalty – their mummified bodies and treasures have been taken to museums.

Inside Giza Pyramid

Going inside the pyramids is not for you if you’re claustrophobic.

Egyptian mummy

The mummies that were once held in the pyramids are now in museums.

Getting there

The famous Giza pyramids are on the outskirts of Cairo. Our trusty taxi driver Mohammed drove us there and came inside with us. Even though he has seen the pyramids many times and even has a pyramid view from his second job as a government accountant, he says he remains a huge fan of them.

Sphinx Travel Guide

Me, taxi driver Mohammed and the Sphinx

He’s also a huge Michael Jackson fan, as I found out from his choice of driving music on the way there.


Camel in Giza

Befriending Michael Jackson the camel.

Egyptian Camel

After listening to Michael Jackson in the cab, we ride Michael Jackson the camel.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis. It’s Egypt’s most famous pyramid and the one you’re most likely to have heard about.

Of course, you can’t leave without taking some cliché pyramid photos and riding a camel.
I don’t normally take jumping photos, but the horse driver insisted. I made sure he joined us in making a fool of himself too.
It might be cliché, but it’s actually fun, and anyway how often do you get to jump in front of the Egyptian pyramids? Just go for it.

Cliché Pyramid Photo.

Cliché Pyramid Photo 1.

Cliché pyramid photo 2 - the jumping pic.

Cliché pyramid photo 2 – the jumping pic.

My revenge.

My revenge.

The Sphinx

Knowing it is the biggest sculpture discovered in Egypt, I was expecting the Sphinx to be even larger than it was. Nevertheless I really liked it. It’s kind of cute. And I feel bad for it since its missing its nose and all. I say “it” because I am not sure if it is male or female – it has the face of a man, the hair of a woman and the body of a lion. No one knows for sure when it was built or by whom. Nor how it lost its nose!
SphinxGiza Pyramids

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