The Story of My Portable Wifi.

I appreciate signal-free, disconnected travel as much as anyone, but NOT when I’m traveling for work and needing to stay productive on the go. (Which is pretty much always. Note to self – must take a real vacation soon…anyone know a good yoga retreat?)

It is so frustrating in this day and age not to have a proper wifi signal when you need one. Since I travel a lot, work mostly online, and like to be self-sufficient, I’ve been craving my own wifi signal for a while. After searching around, I found Skyroam – Solis, which has 4G LTE Global, is a WIFI hotspot and power bank rolled into one.

It’s easy to use. It’s orange. And most importantly, it hasn’t let me down yet on my FB lives so I can keep talking to you guys from abroad 🙂


Here’s what I like about it

  • Easy to set up and get online
  • It has a charging bank
  • Unlimited daily WIFI
  • Fast speed
  • Portable
  • Pay as you go
  • SIM-free and no coverage chargesTo all of you digital nomads who have struggled to get online at one time or another and wasted valuable time connecting and reconnecting moving from one coffee shop to the next in search of the elusive signal, do yourself a favour and get your very own.

    Here’s to location independence!

Portable Wifi

Because matching your sunglasses to your wifi is an obvious must.


Location IndependenceDisclaimer: Skyroam sent me the Solis to test out and tell you about it. All opinions are my own.

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