Marseille, France – a city entrenched in maritime history


Marseille is France’s second biggest city. It’s known for its port and fishing area. With over 1500 years of history, Marseille is a vibrant and interesting city. Traditionally, it has always been a little rough around the edges (as many port cities are)! But the edge has definitely lent itself to creating an eclectic and exciting spirit.

I had the chance the visit Marseille and can’t deny its unique charm and beauty. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss when you visit Marseille.

Places to Visit in Marseille

Museum of Civilization and Mediterranean

This is a unique museum that floats above the water at the entrance of the Old Port Marseille. In here you can find artifacts related to Mediterranean culture. Take advantage of their long opening hours, and make sure to witness the amazing sunset on the walls of the structure.

If you are lucky, then you can catch a random rave party nearby – like in my video 🙂

Le Panier – “The Basket” neighbourhood

It was founded a long time ago by the Greeks as a marketplace, hence the name – “The Basket.” It then became a ‘no-go’ area where only prostitutes, thieves and like company would hang out. During the Second World War, some of Le Panier’s streets were destroyed by the Nazis. These days, the area has become gentrified and you’ll find trendy art galleries and interesting places to dine and wine. There is amazing street art, sure to serve as the perfect backdrop for one of the photos you post on IG 😜.

Notre-Dame de la Garde

You shouldn’t miss this – it’s probably the most-visited attraction in Marseille. The view is outstanding and the interior is quite unique because you get to see boats hanging from the ceiling and lifesavers as wall decorations. Can’t say I’ve seen that before in other churches! This is the home of the Assumption pilgrimage.

Another Travel Tip?

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with strangers. Trust me, you can sometimes get a fresh perspective from them. I talked to one and here’s what he said in the course of our small talk, ‘Life leads us to our destiny.‘ Now that’s deep.

What do you think of Marseille?

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