Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport lobby

I was so eager to get to sleep that I rushed through the main entrance and went straight to my room. This is the only picture I got of the lobby.

It’s a hotel inside Frankfurt airport. I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport hotel for one night while attending a meeting.

I don’t normally like the idea of airport hotels because it’s easier to explore when you’re in the city centre. When I’ve slept at airports in the past it’s been on café chairs, benches with arm rests in awkward places or the floor.

But this time I was landing at night and attending a meeting in the airport the following morning. With no time to explore Frankfurt and no desire to arrive at the meeting in a zombie state, I embraced the airport hotel.

By the way, if you haven’t been the Frankfurt airport is like a city in and of itself.

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  • Comfortable bed with a mattress that has controls to adjust its firmness
  • Tea and coffee stationTea and coffee at Hilton Airport Frankfurt Garden Inn
  • Strong wifi connection!!
  • Other business travel details – bright lights, an adapter, well-situated plugs for your electronics, a desk, etc.
Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel View

A good hairdryer is provided

  • Television, although I didn’t use it
  • Fair price point of 97 euros (with advance reservation).
  • Gym, although i didn’t have time to use it. I was busy sleeping on the above-mentioned bed.
Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel View

View from the 11th floor


  • Website and app are finicky and I had difficulties booking.
  • Lack of information online. I had trouble finding the hotel once I landed and the amenities listed on their site are general to the chain, not specifically for the Frankfurt airport.
  • Weird illuminated circle on the bathroom mirror (not a big deal obviously, but I’m trying to find some cons here).


The Hilton Garden Inn at the Frankfurt airport made me feel like I had everything I needed to be well rested and up to date on my work allowing me to be my best productive self the next day. Some reviews say the room is too small, but I found it perfect. It was cosy but not cramped.Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt

Staying at this hotel inside Frankfurt airport was perfect for my quick stopover.

I didn’t get to step out and actually see Frankfurt this trip, but if you want to see something in Germany, check out my German carnival posts from Cologne and Bonn post.

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