Portable Wifi for Location Independence

The Story of My Portable Wifi.

I appreciate signal-free, disconnected travel as much as anyone, but NOT when I’m traveling for work and needing to stay productive on the go. (Which is pretty much always. Note to self – must take a real vacation soon…anyone know a good yoga retreat?)

It is so frustrating in this day and age not to have a proper wifi signal when you need one. Since I travel a lot, work mostly online, and like to be self-sufficient, I’ve been craving my own wifi signal for a while. After searching around, I found Skyroam – Solis, which has 4G LTE Global, is a WIFI hotspot and power bank rolled into one.

It’s easy to use. It’s orange. And most importantly, it hasn’t let me down yet on my FB lives so I can keep talking to you guys from abroad 🙂

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The scariest hikes around the world

Walks on the wild side: scariest hikes around the world [Guest Post]

Living in Switzerland has grown my love for hiking – (watch my Hiking in the Alps travel video if you haven’t yet!) so when Felicity who works at Holiday Lettings (a website for booking holiday accommodation around the world) proposed an article on the world’s scariest places to go hiking, I said great! This is not a sponsored post, so the article below is chosen and endorsed by me.

Let me know if you have been on any of these hikes!

Risking your life to go for a walk may seem extreme, but thousands of travellers take this gamble to hike some of the world’s most stunning terrain. Lace up your walking boots tightly – from ancient staircases to iron-cable pathways, let’s catch a glimpse of some of the scariest hikes around the world.

La Via Ferrata, The Dolomites, Italy

Via Ferrata

Photo credit: Matijap (public domain) via Wikimedia Commons

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