Geneva Coupe de Noël 2014

It’s Santa, it’s Cupid, it’s Superman, It’s a Cow, wait… what? In the water?

December in Geneva isn’t complete without Coupe de Noël.Yet, most visitors to Geneva aren’t aware that it’s taking place!

This isn’t your typical swimming competition. Coupe de Noël is a little crazier. Participants usually get creative by dressing up and flaunting their costumes before and after diving into cold lake water.

Participants and their families look forward to taking part in the local tradition every year, with preparations beginning months in advance. Participants pay a sign-up fee of 35 Swiss francs and train every Tuesday to get accustomed to the colder water temperatures.

This year the warmer water temperature of 9℃ made for an easy swim for Coupe veterans.

“May the cold water of the harbor bring you joy, health and happiness!”

-Coupe de Noël’s slogan

History unfolds as every parent in the cup reminisces and tell stories to their children if how did Coupe de Noël started. Some families in Geneva devoted themselves to at least have family representative in this spectacular Christmas swimming cup, every year. This is a testament that Coupe de Noël is constantly binding family ties and friendship with its 76th year of celebration.
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Who says summer is the only chance you can flaunt that well-sculpted body? In Geneva, you can do it just right in the middle of December while swimming into the cold waters of Jardin Anglais Park.

Coupe de Noël 2014 participants topped a whopping 1,300 plus swimmers this 2014. Amateur and professional swimmers alike signed up for the race.

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