What to Wear in Singapore in Summer

What to Wear in Singapore in Summer

Singapore is a certified ‘hot’ country. And by hot I mean you’re likely to find yourself bathed in your own sweat before the end of the day. So you’re going to want something that keeps you as cool as possible. Note the above outfit as a quick sample of something that could work in the Singapore’s climate.

Of course, different age brackets may call for differing takes on these styles. I.e., if you are in your late 50s you may want to edge away cropped tops (as seen in the picture above) and mini-skirts (unless you can really pull that off). Anyway, here are the wardrobe tips on what to pack if you’re planning to go to Singapore in summer. In fact, since Singapore is hot throughout the year, these tips are good for 365 days. What a bonus.

Let’s start with two words. LAID. BACK.

Source : Laid back outfits are seen all over Singapore.

In Singapore, you don’t need to overthink the clothes you will wear. But that doesn’t mean you should look like you just woke up from a long sleep. So what are the essentials?

  • Light T-shirts 
    • You can keep your designer blouses with all the frills at home. Light shirts could be your best friend when you travel to Singapore. Or if you want to step up a bit, you can wear denim tops like the one from the above set (as long as the fabric is light). Just make sure the fabric of your clothes allows your body heat to escape.

Source : Light coloured clothes are a must in the heat.

  • Shorts
    • It’s time to show off your legs. Shorts are a good choice and could be worn every single day. You can choose from denim or cotton. You can say goodbye to your heavy jeans and heat-absorbing leggings.
Shorts to Show Off Legs

Source : You could wear shorts every day in Singapore.

  • Dresses/Skirts
    • Unleash your feminine side with floral dresses. Play with prints and match with your light shirt. You can’t go wrong with that.
Sexy Sandals for your Feet!

Source : Comfortable and cool sandals for your feet!

  • Flip Flops/ Flats/ Sneakers/ Sandals
    • Singapore requires you to walk… A LOT! That means you have to make sure that you wear something comfortable for your feet. So keep your stilettos inside their boxes.
  • Sunglasses
    • It’s time to get your sunnies! Sunglasses are a must in Singapore. The sun’s glare on bare eyes can give you terrible headache.
  • Hats
    • A straw hats would be perfect for the trip. It looks laid back and stylish at the same time.
  • Umbrella 
    • The weather in Singapore can be really unpredictable. One moment it’s hot and the next, you’re caught in torrential rain. It’s best to carry a small umbrella in your bag. Better safe than sorry.
  • Huge Bags
    • Singapore is also a great shopping hub. If you are planning to splurge, then perhaps bring a big tote with you for your finds. That way you’ll have just one bag to carry instead of multiple plastic shopping bags.

If you think this look is too simple for you, add accessories like a chunky bracelet or a cool necklace. But just remember not to overdo your style in Singapore. If you look like you just pranced off the catwalk you might get some sideways looks from locals.

But rest assured you can still wow onlookers with your simple and laid back looks. Just bring a good attitude and your wardrobe will be perfect!