Rome tattoo shop – the reasons behind Italians’ ink obsession

When in Rome…get a tattoo?

Inside a Rome Tatoo Parlour

Trying to get a comfortable. I don´t think I’ve ever even been inside a tattoo parlour before.

Rome tattoo shop

Would you let me do your tattoo?

During my stay in Rome, I met a Roman whose city and religion are so important to him, he decided to get a symbolic tattoo.

A Regular Client of The Tattoo Shop

Fabrizio about to lie down for the final touches on his body art

Fabrizio loves his city’s history and is a devout Roman catholic, but he also loves meeting his friends at the pub, checking out trendy cocktail bars and getting inked.

 Getting a Tattoo at Rome

Fabrizio while getting the finishing touches for his religious tattoo.

Interviewing the Rome Tattoo Artist

It’s a good thing the artist was able to concentrate while I stood behind the table and interviewed them.

One of Rome Tattoo's Artists

Andrea the tattoo artist at work

 Inks at Rome Tattoo Studio

Vibrant colours give life and “a little bit of happiness” to the tattoos

I decided to film him with his tattoo artist friends while they finish off his design. This is a great opportunity to show you an inside look at a modern subculture in a city known for its ancient past.

Fabrizio explains he is getting an ancient and religious symbol on his chest: a tattoo of the Virgin Mary, technically the mother Dolorosa, the virgin who suffered the pain for the loss of Jesus. He wanted this not just because he loves getting tattoos, but because of a promise he made for his daughter.

“This is something I wanted to have when my daughter was sick and suffering from cancer of the thyroid. And then I promised the Virgin that if everything was fine, I would make this painful tattoo on my chest. Here I am. It’s my Catholic Rome.

It’s very painful.”

Rome Tattoo's Work

It does look painful, but he says it’s worth it.

Still, he says that compared to how much Jesus suffered, it isn’t much pain to endure.

“But if one of the men killing Jesus was Andrea, he would have suffered more,” he jokes.

Tattoos Today

Rome Tattoo’s Work of Art

In today’s age, we see a lot of people impulsively ‘inking’ themselves, because apparently it has become so much of a trend. But if we are going to look at the word ‘tattoo’ in its strictest sense, it means ‘to MARK something’. That is why most tattoos done centuries ago told meaningful symbols and stories. Their markings are not just for the purposes of jumping on a bandwagon – although some designs are symbols of brotherhood, but the images, letters and characters hold deeper meanings for the people who get them.

Rome Tattoo's Design

Colourful tattoos become popular during times of economic crisis because people want to have a positive outlook.

Working on Another Design at Rome Tattoo Studio

Another artist and friend of Fabrizio’s at work

Rome Tattoo Studio Designs

Which one would you prefer?

I was also able to interview a tattoo artist wherein he shared the common tattoo designs requested by their customers. He believed that the most popular tattoo style is traditional American. He added that the fashion is not so much gothic, celtic or tribal at the moment. It’s more about the colours these days. Given that the economic situation in Italy isn’t good, people want bits of happiness by getting colorful tattoos. You can see more of his interview from my video.

This guy had “famiglia ” tattooed on him. These tattoo-covered men are actually family guys. It seemed important to them that their tattoos have meaning for them and remind them of their pains and milestones. Regardless of the design, as long as your tattoo has a very substantial and personal meaning, it would always be the most beautiful.

A Busy Day at Rome Tattoo Shop

It was a busy day at the tattoo shop

Rome Tattoo Studio Interior

Such an ‘artsy’ interior, don’t you think?

Rome Tattoo Studio's Reception

Are you ready to get ‘inked’?

Ink Alley Roma

Me and my tattoo artist friends at Ink Alley

Do you have a tattoo? What are your reasons for getting it?


Italian pasta class in Rome

WILD pasta

Discovering the secret to Italian pasta

Pasta making class in RomeAfter being on my feet all day, I took a break from sightseeing and head to an Italian pasta class in Rome.

I was a bit apprehensive since it was my first time taking a cooking class. I’ve never made pasta from scratch either. But with a bit of scolding from the Chef, it turned out okay!

To start off, Chef David  sat us down on his loft terrace and served us appetizers and prosecco while he told us the short version of his life story. He worked in advertising for two decades before dropping his career and heading to cooking school.

Wild pasta!

David announced we would learn to make a type of pasta that we had never seen before. It’s called pici con amatriciana. Pici is a “wild” pasta, he explained. The pasta pieces are hand rolled and come out in different sizes. Amatriciana is a kind of sauce made with guanciale (cured pork cheek), pecorino cheese and tomato.

Every step of the way David proved to be encouraging and supportive, announcing “And now we drink!” at regular intervals.

Pici pasta

Introducing “pici” – the wild pasta.

Italian pasta class in Rome

They’re kind of funny looking, aren’t they?

There were five other attendees and all happened to be from LA. They planned to meet up back home to cook pasta together.

Pici con Amatriciana

Pici con amatriciana is served.

pici con amatriciana

Pasta class in Rome

The pasta making (and wine drinking) team.

The pasta making class is offered by Walks of Italy and it turned out to be a great way to unwind at the end of the day. You get to learn something new, meet new people, enjoy an Italian meal and have a laugh.

“And that’s it.”


Filming by the talented Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli of EmiSevenMedia.