Brussels Christmas market antics

Riding the Ferris wheel in Place Sainte Katherine

Some people get really excited about Christmas and Ferris wheels.

Ferris wheel

Claire insists riding the Ferris wheel is a necessary activity.

Brussels Christmas Market

Ricardo would rather ride his bike than the Ferris wheel.

One (of the many) things about Crazy Claire that is difficult to understand is her enthusiasm for Ferris wheels. She also loves Christmas. So she was really excited about the Ferris wheel at the Brussels Christmas market. She hasn’t stopped bugging everyone she knows to come ride it with her.

She’s finally managed.

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BFI London Film Festival

Sara the Posh Traveler gets close to the actors

…Not too close, mind you

BFI London Film Festival

Sara gets close to Russel Brand.

Sara the Posh Traveler and native Londoner has been on red carpet duty this week for the BFI London Film Festival. If you’re in Leicester Square either today or Sunday, be sure to hang around the cinemas to catch a final glimpse of some big movie stars. Sara insists they’re famous and we should have all heard of them.Press Conference

She notes meeting the stars is not all glamourous. It can be more of a waiting game. Getting near the upper echelons of society requires a degree of sacrifice.

Check out Sara’s photos from hobnobbing with celebs at a movie premiere and after that, join her on a tour of the city’s West End in the London video.


Do you know these actors? Would you wait in line to see them?

New Year’s fireworks in Brussels

Brussels New Year 2013

Nothing like some dancing (and being choked with streamers) to ring in the New Year.

Happy 2013!

This New Year’s Eve was spent in Brussels catching the fireworks at Mont des Arts. We had to hustle through the crowds, rain and firecrackers that seemed to attack at every corner but it was worth it! May 2013 bring new adventures, meetings and a closer look at the cities you visit and the city you’re in!

Featuring: Claire the Fries Tester