Riding the Ferris wheel in Place Sainte Katherine

Some people get really excited about Christmas and Ferris wheels.

Ferris wheel

Claire insists riding the Ferris wheel is a necessary activity.

Brussels Christmas Market

Ricardo would rather ride his bike than the Ferris wheel.

One (of the many) things about Crazy Claire that is difficult to understand is her enthusiasm for Ferris wheels. She also loves Christmas. So she was really excited about the Ferris wheel at the Brussels Christmas market. She hasn’t stopped bugging everyone she knows to come ride it with her.

She’s finally managed.

Many European cities have their own Christmas market at this time of the year and Brussels is no exception. It’s held at Place Sainte Catherine/SintKatelijneplein.

It’s got wooden huts set up selling all the usual Christmas

"Nice views up here."

“Nice views up here.”

trinkets, food and beverages. There’s also a small skating rink and the Ferris wheel.

This year they’re also setting up a Swiss chalet with the help of Montreux Noël, which does the Christmas markets around Lac Léman in Switzerland. It just so happens I was in Montreux visiting its Christmas market this weekend. I’ll post on it soon.

In the meantime, for more on Brussels check out the video!

Or catch more of Crazy Claire in the Belgian Fries video. You can also listen to her rendition of Feliz Navidad.

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3 thoughts on “Brussels Christmas market antics

  1. Good video, very educational. I never knew somebody could get excited about Ferris wheels, that somebody actually like heights or you could get a VIP version of a Ferris Wheel. My new knowledge for today.

    • Dear Ross, thank you for your insightful remarks and I am so pleased you have learned from this (highly educational) video. Armed with your new knowledge I hope you will soon ride a Ferris wheel near you 😉

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