Legend has it that a dragon came to Brno Czech Republic and terrorised its inhabitants but he turned out to be a crocodile. Still, the dragon remains the city symbol. The beast’s preserved body is located at the entrance of the Old Town Hall and you can spot various dragon sculptures and depictions around the city.

Brno Czech Republic

I was in Vienna when I realised how close Brno was. I hopped on a bus to visit two friends from my exchange in Spain I hadn’t seen in years and dearly missed. My friend Hélène was working there and was excited to show me and our friend Ophélie everything she loved about the city.

Brno Czech Republic was once recognised as a royal city. Besides dragon spotting, here’s what we found to do:

1. Learn the Legends from the Old Town Hall

You can reach the Old Town Hall from Masarykova street. This 13th-century hall has great views of Brno from its tower. And while you’re here, get to know all various legends related to it.

2. Get yourself Imprisoned at Špilberk Castle

Brno Dragons

View from Špilberk Castle

Špilberk Castle sits on Brno’s hilltop, so you’re in for a bit of a climb. It used to be a castle and was turned into a prison. It was considered one of the most barbaric of its time.

3. Reflect at Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul

You can find the cathedral on the Petrov hill in Brno Czech Republic. This is one of the most important structures within the city. Check the schedule if you want to attend a service.

4. Get spooked in Brno Ossuary

At Brno Ossuary I bet you’ll feel a few chills down your spine. It’s an underground catacomb that was only rediscovered in 2001. This is the second largest ossuary in the world holding around 50,000 people.

5. See a top secret nuclear bunker at 10 – Z Bunker

I wish I had gotten the chance to see this! It’s top secret nuclear bunker from World War II. When you’re there you can watch videos from the same era to learn about the history.

6. Chill with friends around the city or in Brno dam

Brno is full of cosy and quirky cafes and bars. Consider going to Brno dam, where the locals go to relax. It’s the perfect location to meet friends and sip some wine while enjoying the stunning view.

7. Try the local delicacies

Never forget to taste the local food, including the Czech fried cheese sandwich (smažený sýr) shown in the video.

8. Go vintage shopping in Brno Czech Republic

If you’ve been to Brno, let me know if you’ve noticed their penchant for eccentric fashion and vintage clothes? My friends were obsessed with the 99 cent second hand clothing stores. We had a lot of fun there trying on fur coats.

I don’t think we beat these mannequins!

Grocery shopping in Brno Czech Republic with the locals was kind of fun too.

Or, as I said, go hunting for vintage objects (they have a lot)…

Brno Dragons

Brno travel guide

When you get tired of hunting dragons in the city, you can hop on a train to the Moravian Karst and go look for caves.

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