If your plan for Barcelona is to have a good time, enjoy the sun and the laid-back atmosphere, a Barcelona Boat Party is the perfect way to make sure that happens.

Even though I’m no longer a visitor in Barcelona, I still can’t get enough of its coastline. Plus, who doesn’t want to make new friends?

Trying not to be swept away

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Hop on a boat with me…

Barcelona Boat Party

The Barcelona Boat Party hosted by Stoke Travel. It’s one of the most party-oriented tour companies out there, so they know how to organise a good time. Their staff is super friendly and approachable – from the bartenders to the security guard and they have a way of bringing people together with introductions (“Hey, there’s another Canadian here!”) music, dance moves and drinks.

Barcelona boat cruise

I thought they were sisters.

The cruise begins at the Coconut Club where you get your first welcome drink. Then you get aboard a two-storey white catamaran.

Catamaran Barcelona

Friendly faces aboard the Catamaran

The upstairs deck is the chilled-out area where Colin the musician plays guitar in about 10 different languages (feel free to make a song request). And downstairs there’s a DJ making everyone dance. By the end of the 2-hour ride, you feel like you’re good enough friends with everyone onboard to show off your most ridiculous dance moves.

Live music on a boat in Barcelona

Colin the multilingual musician

At the end of the ride, no one feels like going home, so they continue the party with their free passes to a one of Barcelona’s beach clubs.

These boat parties have become so popular that there are now two other cruise options:

Champagne Sunset Boat Cruise

The glam version of the cruise featuring an evening of champagne cocktails and chilled beats. You’ll be cruising along the Barcelona coastline at sunset aboard a stunning white catamaran, with wind in your hair, a champagne cocktail in hand, grooving along to some chilled house beats accompanied by their funky percussionists (normally Sexy Ellie on Sax), whilst shmoozing with your gorgeous fellow sea-faring spirits.

BBQ Boat Party

For those who want to swim, this is a 3-hour cruise along Barcelona’s stunning coastline with a 1-hour swim stop. You can suntan on the nets aboard the boat then splash around on thee rafts and various inflatables. Meanwhile, a BBQ and drinks are served.

If you hit up one of these boat parties for yourself, use code GETCLOSE for a 5€ discount. And register quickly to make sure it doesn’t fill up for your dates since spots are limited.

See you on the boat!

Titanic posing = best way to make new friends in #Barcelona 😎 

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