Getting Close to what??

On the surface, Getting Close to is a video travel blog about cool places and people.
But really? It’s about building deeper relationships with the sights, sounds and locations around us.
It’s for people who want something more out of life  — those of us looking for magic and adventure in our lives, whether abroad or at home.

Your host Dalia

Getting Close to Dalia

Hi! I’m Dalia and I’m the one you see in the videos on this site. I’ve been living outside my home city for over 10 years. My mission is to help expats and travelers to get outside their comfort zone and create new community wherever they go.
As a video blogger for Getting Close to, I capture people’s stories. If it were up to me, I’d live in a world where everyone cares about each other’s lives, whether they live next door or on the other side of the planet.
When I’m not asking random people questions in the street and editing footage from my travels, you’ll find me trying to save the world doing communications work on humanitarian issues.

Want to work with me?

Are you an expat looking for advice on living a happier life by expanding your social social? Feel free to say hi.

If you’re a company or destination looking to be featured in a video, send me an email.