Getting Close to what??

On the surface, Getting Close to is a video travel blog about cool places and people.
But really? It’s about building deeper relationships with the sights, sounds and locations around us.
It’s for people who want something more out of life  — those of us looking for magic and adventure in our lives, whether abroad or at home. And it’s about finding ways to get closer to your goals and dreams!Dalia Lourenco Productivity Coach

Your host Dalia


Dalia Lourenço is an International Productivity Coach with the mission to bring her clients focus and balance in work and life. She specializes in helping ambitious, driven professionals meet and surpass their goals while gaining time for travel, community and relaxation.


She helps clients get razor-sharp focus, follow through on their greatest objectives and become hyper-efficient with their time. She can help professionals kick anxiety, procrastination and frustration to the curb.


Dalia is passionate about learning and using cutting edge technology, systems and processes to transform expertise and potential into performance and results, delivering substantial returns on investment and enabling professionals to achieve both personal & business goals.
She has worked with the World Health Organization, the European Commission, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Government of Qatar and the Government of Canada among others. She has lived and worked across the globe, including Angola, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Timor-Leste and Ukraine. She has an MA in International Journalism and has worked on communications strategy for disease outbreaks and written content for high-end websites, policy papers and publications.


Today Dalia works with experienced business owners and professionals across the globe to help make them at least 80% more productive and increase profit margins by at least 68%. By applying real-life experience to productivity coaching, Dalia helps transform the lives of driven professionals who desire to find their focus, get more productive than ever before and make their dreams a reality.

Dalia is a passionate ambassador of community and loves bringing driven people together to network and be inspired by one another. She is passionate about helping to develop community wherever she lives. With fluency in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, intermediate knowledge of Russian (and a little bit of Arabic and Tetum for good measure), Dalia can give clients in-country time management, etiquette and more. She currently resides in Barcelona, Spain and continues to document her travels on this video blog.

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